giovedì 9 luglio 2015

Selling with an Advisor Professional Approach

If you sell with a Professional Strategic approach, your Customer will thank you forever.

If Sales People spend their time only studying and understanding the solution features with target, selling to operational people on customer side, they are not helping the customer to change their way to be on the Market. This kind of approach do not help Corporations to improve their margins, reduce their costs and be compliant with the regulations tsunami; this kind of sales people are not able to change with innovation, because innovation is a concept to be sold at higher level using a Strategic and Advisor approach.  

Best job of the World
Selling with a Professional and Advisor approach, is probably one of the best job of the World: this job give you the opportunity to change the way Corporation are perceived on the Market and from their customers. You can help your Customer to grow and beat Competition. This is Fun!!  

Love your Customers
Your Customers have to clearly perceive that you really want to help them to Succeed. To do that ask questions and take care about their actual needs, define the Company Market Positioning, identify External and Internal Pressures, find a Solution that target Financial needs, Cultural needs, Strategic needs and also Operational needs. Find a Top Sponsor; involve Middle Management and Operational people. Selling is social collaboration result. 

Be Agent of Change
Be “Agent of Change” continue to be an actual good terminology for Professional Salesmen. Professional Sales People use innovation to support corporation to Change the way to reach Success and Support Success for Long Time. You want to be an “Agent of Change” or a Salesman? Your Customers have to understand that you are helping them to “Ride the Wave”. If Customers do not “Riding the Wave of Change” they will find themselves beneath it. 

Selling Vs Serving
Selling, start and finish with the product/service in your pocket. Serving approach never stops because is not related to your actual product or service to propose on the Market. With an Advisor approach, based on “serve your customer”, creating Long Terms Relationships, in your Professional life you can change Companies and Solutions to sell but anyway you will be in favor of your Clients because they will never forget your help in their personal agenda.  

Leadership is based on “help other to be successful” and enjoy about it. So if you are able to serve your Customers using an Advisor approach based on Professional Selling, you are growing as a Leader. If people around you do not understand your selling approach based on “Serve your Customer” probably they do not want to understand your leadership. This is something to be managed with open talk based on trust. 

In conclusion, help your Customers to win using an high level Advisor and Professional Selling Approach; first will be Gratifying for You, second Customers will be Happy, last you will have the Purchase Order!!