mercoledì 1 gennaio 2014

Associazione Virgilio 2080

Virgilio 2080 Association, based in Rome Italy, collect Tutors involved in spontaneous and voluntary way to provide free of charge assistance to the Start-Up with the aim of adding Value and support young entrepreneurship, mainly in the Rotary International District 2080 Territory (Lazio and Sardinia Regions). Tutors of the Association are only Rotarians providing, free of charge, their Professional expertise and abilities, with competencies in all Industries and Professional areas. In the today Economy stagnation, or Economy slow-down, strong is the Start-Up need of young Entrepreneurs that need to use their creativity to go from the Idea of a new Product or Service to the Market, realizing their Business Dream. Virgilio 2080 Association is established to support and assist new Entrepreneur with Tutoring activities, without asking for payments, with the awareness that Italian Entrepreneur Abilities are the better way to emerge in the Domestic and International arena. Virgilio 2080 Association will promote the “Programma Virgilio” using the Successful Model, the Values and the Guide Lines. Maurizio Milazzo is the Vice President of Associazione Virgilio 2080.

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